Thursday, May 24, 2007

Please pray for us

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Our first assignment when we get to Guatemala is to lead worship for a retreat of missionaries serving in different parts of Central America with New Life, the mission we are serving with for this summer.

We are humbled by this opportunity and seek to be vessels of the Lord's goodness to these missionaries.

Would you pray for us in this? Please pray for:

• a restful and relaxing time
• the Holy Spirit to wash over us and renew us
• safe travel for all

Friday, May 11, 2007

A Home away from home

In just three short weeks we'll be on a plane headed for Villa Nueva, Guatemala, a suburb of Guatemala City. We're heading to New Life Children's Home, a home for over 40 orphaned or abandoned Guatemalan children run by missionaries Kendon and Wendy Wheeler.

They don't call the home an "orphange," because that's really not what it is. It's a home. The kids celebrate birthdays with cake and singing. They jump on a trampoline and play cards. They go to school and get help with their homework. They eat lunch and wash clothes and do their chores with their 40+ other "brothers" and "sisters."

So on May 31, we'll leave the place that's become our home — the Rio Grande Valley — and make our home in Guatemala for the summer. It's not easy to leave the place that has, in just under a year, become home to us. We'll miss the raspas (snow cone-like treats that go far, far beyond what any snow cone has ever imagined achieving), the palm trees, the signs pointing to Mexico with a "7" beside them (the number of miles we live from the border). We'll miss friends that we've made, our church that we've come to love. We'll miss the comfort of speaking "Tex-Mex," and being able to throw in words in English and Spanish at the same time, whichever comes to our head first (a luxury we will not have in Guatemala)! We'll miss the 85 degree mornings and 100 degree afternoons, the high humidity, the oppressive heat...oh wait, we actually won't miss those!

But what we don't want to miss is keeping in touch with our wonderful friends and prayer partners, and we don't want you to miss out either. So, we've stepped farther into the world of Internet communication than ever before...we started this blog! We hope it's a way that we can stay connected to you, and a way that you can feel a part of what God's doing in Guatemala. So check it often, and we'll try to have new pictures, info, and maybe even a video or two. And more than anything, we ask you to pray — for us, for the home, and mostly for the kids, that they would experience the love of Jesus in a new and fresh way every single day.