Sunday, July 22, 2007

Come to my house this Saturday

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Ever since we've been here in Guatemala, Sonia, one of the home mothers, has been inviting us to come see her house. The plans never worked out until yesterday.

We were humbled and amazed as we walked through the "gate" to her house. She, her husband and four children rent a small piece of property in Villa Nueva. The house has a concrete floor and basically no walls (they use sheets hung over a rope to separate the rooms).

Even so, Sonia (and her family, pictured at left) was so excited to show us her home — everything from the chickens in the back to the bedroom that all 6 of the family shares. She even made coffee to go along with the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies we brought.

Her home, though it is meager, holds a lot of love. We were grateful to make the connection with Sonia and to see her family, but we also got a stark picture of what most of the kids at the home are coming from. For most of them, their previous lives were filled with abuse, neglect and pain. What a privilege to be part of God's gift of new life to them!

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Beth said...

I love your blog! I am praying for you both.